Safety Precautions

Safety is our highest priority.

Here is a list of precautions we take to ensure your child’s safety:

  • Every class, at least one instructor is trained in First Aid Level 1.
  • First aid kit on premises at all times.
  • Instructor led interactive Safety lesson (30 mins) or Safety review (15 mins) before every carving session.
    • Tools not Toys. What you can and can’t do with them. Eg. Running with tools.
    • Zero tolerance on dangerous behaviours.
    • Pumpkin handling while carving.
    • Carving away from body. Why & How.
    • Reason for wearing gloves.
    • What to do if an accident happens. 
    • Location of First Aid Kit.
  • Mandatory wearing of gloves to avoid cuts and injury.
  • The instructor will provide a live demonstration or review before each carving activity.
  • We ensure all tools and materials are in good condition before use.
  • Parents will be required to sign a liability waiver indemnifying Guts and Seeds Inc. and the school for their child to participate.